TB-184-FLF Australia to USA Adaptor (earthed)

TB-184-FLF Australia to USA Adaptor (earthed)


Suitable for Australia / New Zealand and China plugs when travelling abroad.
For use in: the USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Hawaii.
Note: this adaptor does not convert voltage. Make sure your appliance is dual voltage. Set the appliance to the appropriate voltage (for example, in the USA 110V). AC Power Rating: 10A max. (1100W at 110V / 2200W at 220V)
Product Earthing: Earthed

AC Power Rating : Total loading 10A Max (1100W at 110v/2200W at 220v)
Tested to: AS/NZS 3122; AS/NZS 3112

This earthed USA travel adaptor is suitable for Australian and New Zealand plugs to be used abroad in the USA, Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand and the Caribbean.
Lightweight and compact, simple to use and easy to pack; it is the ideal solution for the international traveller.
Please make sure that your appliance is dual voltage and enables you to set it to the appropriate voltage.
Tested to: AS/NZS 3122.AS/NZS 3112.

Material: Shell: 100% PC , Inner :Copper
Warranty: 2 years

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