privacy policy

Courier Luggage is a family owned and operated business, and we care about our customers. That is why we have absolutely no interest in ever doing anything with your information at any given time that isn’t directly related to Courier Luggage.
We are huge supporters of online privacy, and our policies demonstrate this.


What information Does courier luggage collect?

We collect your postal address, name, and email to complete your order. We need your name and address to send your order, and we need your email address to contact you should there be any problems.


Does COURIER LUGGAGE share and/or transfer your information?

No. We do not condone this behavior, and we would never do this to anyone, at any point in time.


Credit Card Details

Courier Luggage does not actually see your credit card details, as your payments are made through Paypal. We have chosen this option as it offers the highest level of online security for buyers. Even if our website becomes compromised, that information will not be accessible as it lies with Paypal only.



Courier Luggage is hosted on a private protected server. We invest in internet security, and take your privacy very seriously. We have never had a breach on any level, and take all possible steps to ensure your personal information in in good hands.